Martin Wishart has recently renovated his Cook School to create an inviting and relaxed environment to learn, enjoy and share food. Martin has worked with Kitchen International to create a modern demonstration kitchen.

The venue includes a welcoming bar and an intimate dining room that can host up to 24 guests. The dining room has an informal setting and allows all diners to see the food being prepared. Martin would like this venue to inspire people to cook and to create an interactive hub for foodies. Most of the events will be hosted by Graeme Carlyle my head chef at the Cook School, Graeme is a dedicated and passionate chef.


“Cook School and Dining room is all about enjoying food. It is a place where people will be able to learn new tricks, new techniques, ask questions and feel inspired and more confident about their cooking.”


We will be hosting a series of different demonstrations that will be inspired by the Seasonality of ingredients, different classic dishes, more modern ones and cooking techniques. There will also be Dinner events where you can witness your dinner being prepared and interact with the chefs who also will be serving the dishes. A perfect enjoyable and relaxing experience to share with friends, colleagues or family!